Carolina Chickenstock Taylorsville

Taylorsville Lion's Club Fairgrounds

170 Fairgrounds Rd

Taylorsville, NC

Back by Popular Demand!

Late Spring and Fall Dates

Swap from 6:00am until 5:00pm

Rain date will be the following Saturday

Early Set up available on the Friday before from noon until 6:00pm 

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North Carolina poultry swaps,


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What's New Around Here?

  1. IA - Heritage Rhode Island Reds

    Show quality Rhode Island Reds- Large fowl only. Great dual purpose birds that come from the best show stock. Great birds for a hobbyist or backyard flock.

  2. Tri-State Poultry Association Show

    Information on the Tri-State Poultry Association Show

  3. SC - Day old to adult chicks. White, blue, partridge, splash

    Adult to newly hatched Silkie chicks. White, blue, partridge,and splash. You can reach me at 803-428-7536. Doris Winstead Owner of Misfit farms Fluffy

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