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Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Blue, Brown, & Barred

Photo Courtesy of Dark Star Farm

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MO - LF Black Mottled Cochins  
Raising Large Fowl Black Mottled Cochins, excellent quality. I also raise Silkies. Please visit my blog for more information: https://cherylshenhousemo.blogspot.com/ …

MO - Black & Blue Standard Cochins for sale 
Black Oak Livestock's chickens are national quality birds out of Wade Burkhalter stock (he used to a chicken judge and won the national show with a different …

CT - Barred Cochins 
Show quality Barred Cochins available! Chicks and fertile eggs. Contact us for prices and availability! Pictures of our flock can also be found on our …

IL - Show Quality Black, White, Buff, Partridge, Blue & Splash Cochins 
I have an old strain of good Partridge Cochins that I will sell hatching from in the spring. I will also have hatching eggs from my black, white, buff, …

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What's New Around Here?

  1. IN - Gray Toulouse Ganders

    I'm selling 2 Gray Toulouse Ganders. They are both a year old as of April 1, 2024. They come from Jean Doerflein's line of Toulouse and are great show
  2. OR - Snowy & Dusky Runners

    My beautiful dusky male and snowy females
    I have a very limited number of hatching eggs and a current hatch in the incubator of snowy (white base, black ticking along back, blue/purple iridescent
  3. Wanted: American game bantam pairs or trios

    Looking for American game bantam in pairs or trios. Really looking for red Pyle's, bb reds, or silver duck wings. I prefer show quality. Please email me

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Wanted: Buff, Blue or Black Cochin Rooster 
I have Buff Cochin pullets and need a rooster for them. I am looking for a Buff but will take a Blue or a Black. I just want to have a good rooster for …

I am looking for a standard buff cochin rooster. I have pullets that I raised. I want a bird that meets the breed standards as close as possible. I …

WANTED: Blue, Silver lace, and Golden Laced Cochins 
Hi there, I am looking for cochins to have on my ranch. I have not been able to find any. Looking to hatch them myself or purchase chicks! I am in …

Wanted: Frizzle cochins  
I’m located in MS and I’m looking for LF cochin hens w the frizzle gene and a smooth cochin roo. Please message me or email Gpower@bellsouth.net. Thank …

Wanted: LF Barred Cochins 
My 16 year old son would like some large fowl barred cochins to show next year. Located in Northeast Missouri, willing to travel or pay shipping. Call …

Wanted: Serama Chicken  
I'm looking for serama chickens. I'm located in GA. You can reach me at 810-488-2966.

Wanted: Cochin Chicks 
Looking for cochin chicks in South Plains area of Texas. rrfarmstexas@gmail.com

Wanted: Standard Cochins, Tolbunt Polish 
Wanted: STANDARD COCHINS, preferable Pullet age. TOLBUNT POLISH - any age. Located in Putnam County, Florida email: PBL8694@aol.com

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