Mountain Region
Poultry Shows

Show Date
Pima County Fair April 20-30, 2023
Arizona State Fair September 23-October 30, 2023
Graham County Fair October 6-9, 2022
Apache County Poultry Show October 28-29, 2022
National Western Stock Show Poultry Show January 20-21, 2024
Colorado Poultry Association Spring Show April 14, 2024
Colorado State Fair Poultry Show August 25-September 4, 2023-No Poultry
Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers October 21, 2023
"One Bird" Youth Poultry Show Cancelled for 2022
Western Idaho Fair August 18-27, 2023
Eastern Idaho State Fair September 1-9, 2023
Montana State Fair July 8-August 5, 2023
Rocky Mountain Poultry Assoc. Big Sky Poultry Exposition September 30, 2023
New Mexico
San Juan County Fair August 16-19, 2023
Roosevelt County Fair August 22-27, 2023
New Mexico State Fair September 7-17, 2023
North Dakota
North Dakota State Fair July 21-29, 2023
South Dakota
South Dakota State Fair August 31-September 4, 2023
Utah Fancy Poultry Assoc. Spring Show March 9-11, 2023
Utah State Fair September 7-17, 2023
Utah Fancy Poultry Assoc. Fall Show October 19-21, 2023
Beehive State Poultry Classic November 12, 2022
Cache Valley Classic November 20, 2021
7220 Poultry Show September 15-17, 2023

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