How Did You Do?

1.     When Guineas make a "Buck-wheat" sound, does it mean that it is a Male or Female Guinea? (Female)

2.     Can you get sick from your poultry with Fowlpox? (No)

3.     What is another name for Corid? (Amprolium)

4.     Is the Coccidia that infests your poultry the same kind of Coccidia that can infest you? (No)

5.     When your poultry get lice, can you get lice from them? (No)

6.     True or False: Ducks can get worms. (True)

7.     True or False: Some chickens have "Falcon Hocks". (False)

8.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Cock? (22 oz.)

9.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Cockerel? (20 oz.)

10.    What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Hen? (20 oz.)

11.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Pullet? (18 oz.)  

12.     What is the weight of a Polish Cock? (6 lb.) 

13.     What is the weight of a Polish Cockerel? (5 lb.) 

14.     What is the weight of a Polish Hen? (4 1/2 lb.) 

15.     What is the weight of a Polish Pullet? (4 lb.) 

16.     What is the weight of a Cornish  Cock? (10 1/2 lb.) 

17.     What is the weight of a Cornish Cockerel? (8 1/2 lb.) 

18.     What is the weight of a Cornish Hen? (8 lb.) 

19.     What is the weight of a Cornish Pullet? (6 1/2 lb.) 

20.     What color eyes should a Blue Andalusian have? (Reddish Bay)

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