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Question set#1

  1. What kind of comb do Ameraucanas have?
  2. What kind of comb do Black Australorps have?
  3. What are the 10 types of combs?
  4. What class are Large Fowl Buff Orpingtons in?
  5. What class are Sebrights in?
  6. What class are Rhode Island Whites in?
  7. What class are Dorkings in?
  8. Which mites live in cracks and crevices and bother birds who are roosting?
  9. What are the seven parts of the wing?
  10. Name the varieties of Brahma.
  11. Do Faverolles, Orpingtons, Polish or Lakenvelders have 5 toes?
  12. What temperature should an incubator be at to hatch chicken peeps?
  13. What medication is used to treat coccidiosis?
  14. Do chicken have teeth?
  15. Do chickens sweat?
  16. When is the best time to vaccinate for Marek's Disease?
  17. What varieties of Chantecler are in the Standard?
  18. What is the chicken's true stomach called?
  19. What are the two types of game bird brooding?
  20. Which breed was once called an Indian Game Bird?

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Question set#2

  1. How long do duck eggs need to be incubated before they hatch?
  2. How is avian blood different from human blood?
  3. What chicken disease causes tumors and is a form of cancer in chickens?
  4. How long do chicken eggs need to be incubated before they hatch?
  5. What is the tip of a duck’s bill called?
  6. Name three external parasites common to chickens?
  7. What is the eggshell’s primary component?
  8. Which is older, a hen or a pullet?
  9. Which is older, a cock or a cockerel?
  10. What is the oldest breed of chicken?
  11. How many turkey classes are there?
  12. Name three varieties of guinea fowl.
  13. What is plumage?
  14. Which breeds of chickens can be frizzled?
  15. Name the four main parts of an egg.
  16. What class is the Buff Orpington bantam in?
  17. What is a crop and what is it used for?
  18. Do chickens tend to be cannibalistic?
  19. Which breed of chicken is most commonly used for commercial egg production?
  20. What are the three classes of geese?

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Question set#3

  1. What is the incubation period for geese?
  2. Do chickens have teeth?
  3. Name 4 varieties of Sebrights (Two are in the Standard)
  4. What class are D’anvers in?
  5. What color eyes should Ameraucanas have?
  6. What are stubs?
  7. What is the only breed that squirrel tail is not a disqualification or defect?
  8. What are two serious diseases that turkeys become susceptible to when raised on ground where chickens have been raised in the past 3 years?
  9. What are the 6 breeds in the English class?
  10. What is a cloaca and what is its function?
  11. What is imprinting?
  12. What class are Blue Andalusians in?
  13. The respiratory system in a chicken is made up of what 3 parts?
  14. Where did Cornish originate?
  15. Which chicken disease causes paralysis?
  16. What are the varieties of Anconas?
  17. What class are leghorn bantams in?
  18. What are the 2 functions of a chicken’s respiratory system?
  19. What is the uropygial gland?
  20. What is the main organ of a chicken’s excretory system?

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Question set#4

  1. Can hens crow?
  2. Cochins are a _________ breed. (country of origin)
  3. Which Breed of duck is in the heavy class? (a. Muscovy b. Call c. Runner d. Cayuga)
  4. What is the record for the number of yolks found in 1 egg?
  5. An egg is strongest _________. (a. At its ends b. In the middle of it’s long sides c. All the parts are the same)
  6. The most eggs laid by 1 chicken in 1 day is ___ eggs.
  7. Define Chalazae.
  8. How much does a bantam weigh compared to it’s large counter-part?
  9. True or False: An ornithologist is a person who studies birds.
  10. What do birds eat to help grind up their food?
  11. What are the 4 varieties of Naked necks?
  12. Name 7 varieties of Sussex bantams.
  13. Houdans are named after Houdan, __________. (country)
  14. Sebrights are named after ____ _____ _________. (person)
  15. What does A.B.A. stand for?
  16. What does A.P.A. stand for?
  17. What is the function of the gizzard?
  18. Name 1 rumpless breed of chicken.
  19. What does N.P.I.P. stand for?
  20. Which 2 diseases do most shows require a negative blood test result, prior to showing?

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Question set#5

1. Which breed of chicken has a crest, feathered shanks and toes, vulture hocks, a 5th toe, and a v-comb?

2. What is the scientific name for the Red Jungle Fowl?

3. A Showgirl chicken is a cross between a _________ and a _________. ( breeds of chickens)

4. Which 2 of these 5 breeds should have 6 points on its comb? (a. Leghorn b. Minorca c. Spanish d. Java e. Jersey giant )

5. What is a common misspelling of Ameraucana?

6. True or False: Rhode Island Reds & Rhode Island Whites are the same breed.

7. What kind of comb do Rhode Island Reds have?

8. Which one of these breeds is not a True Bantam? (a. Sebright b. Japanese c. Sussex d. Silkie e. Dutch f. Rosecomb )

9. What are the 3 varieties of Rosecomb Bantams are in the American Standard of Perfection?

10. What is a chicken’s breastbone called?

11. What does Dual Purpose mean?

12. Which one of these breeds is not in the Feather-Legged class? (a. Silkie b. Favorolle c. Barnevelder d. Brahma )

13. Which Breed will not be penalized if it has multiple spurs, and actually is preferred to have multiple spurs?

14. What does O.E.G.B. stand for?

15. What are the 3 grades of exterior quality of an egg?

16. What is a chicken’s iris?

17. What is a snood?

18. Can ducks get worms?

19. When does a Old English Game male not need to be dubbed?

20. True or False: Dutch bantams are Hen-feathered

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Question set#6

  1. Some scientists believe that the chicken is the closest living relative of the _________. ( Extinct animal )
  2. A Sebright’s tail should be held at a ____% angle.
  3. True or False: When you bring an O.E.G. (Old English Game) or O.E.G.B. (Old English Game Bantam) male to a show, it must be dubbed.
  4. How many varieties of Belgian Bearded D’anver Bantams are in the American of Perfection?
  5. Which breed was originally called “Red Faced Black Spanish?”
  6. Where is the sperm produced inside the testes?
  7. For the first 48 hours Standard after your chicks hatch, give your chicks ____ hours of light, so they can find the feeders & waterers.
  8. In a fertile egg, the Embryo develops from the _______________ __________.
  9. What is the release of the mature yolk, from the Ovary into the Oviduct called?
  10. Where does the color of the yolk come from?
  11. The ovary is made up of __________ - _________ (#s) yolks. (or ova)
  12. The 2 main parts of the female reproductive system are... a. cloaca & stomach, b. ovary & oviduct, or c. lungs and heart?
  13. The male reproductive tract is made up of 2 _______, both of which are functional.
  14. True or False: The La-Gournay chicken is a robust, hardy, very rare, and very beautiful breed, from Asia.
  15. Grit... a. Makes strong eggshells, b. Nourishes the bird when it’s sick, c. Digests the food, or d. All of the above.
  16. Oyster shell... a. Makes strong eggshells, b. Nourishes the bird when it’s sick, c. Digests the food, or d. All of the above.
  17. What is the function of the vitelline membrane?
  18. True or False: There are Lavender Orpingtons.
  19. True or False: There are Chocolate Sebrights.
  20. Are there Vanilla Sebrights?

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Question set #7

1.       What color should Sebright bantam's earlobes be?

2.       What is the weight of a standard Cochin Cock?

3.       True or False: The APA logo includes a Feather and a Breastbone.

4.       How many Duck breeds are in the Subject Index of the Bantam Standard?

5.       Who is the president of the APA?

6.       Who is the president of the ABA?

7.       True or False: There is a Japanese Bantam on the ABA Logo.

8.       The 4 Orpington varieties Recognized by the APA are ______, _______, _______, & _______.

9.       Is there a treatment for Marek's Disease?

10.    What is the Smallest breed of chicken?

11.    Where is the Comb located? a. The tail,  b. The head,  c. The wing,  or  d. The leg.

12.     As yellow-shanked birds get older, do their shanks get Paler or Yellower?

13.    Which class are Runner Ducks in?

14.    Are Rhode Island Reds & Rhode Island Whites the same breed?

15.    Do Pyncheon Bantams have Crests?

16.    What is a Male duck called?

17.    How many "True Large Fowl" are there?

18.    Are there Black Aseels?

19.    Female Ancona Combs are ________ sized.

20.    There are __ main parts of the Wing.

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Trivia Question set#8

1.     Sebrights are ___-Feathered. 

2.     True or False:  There are Green varieties of chickens. 

3.     Do Polish have beards? 

4.  Red Shoulder Yokohamas were admitted to the APA American Standard of Perfection in the year ____. 

5.   The Class Continental, is separated into 3 Subclasses. What are they?

6.     Are there Large Fowl Old English Games?

7.     Do Polish have Crests?

8.     Which Comb do Anconas have?

9.     True or False:  All Old English Game Males, LF & BTM,  must have their combs dubbed to go to a show. 

10.      Are Faverolles True Bantams? 

11.   Mr. _____ was the creator of the Lamona Chicken. 

12. The 4 varieties of Orpingtons in the APA 2011 American Standard of Perfection?  

13.   Cubalaya Bantam Pullets are __ ounces.

14.    Are there Golden Laced Wyandotte Bantams? 

15.   Are there Pastel Call Ducks?

16.  Do Sebastopol Geese only come in White? 

17.  True or False: Polish have Walnut combs. 

18.  The 3 varieties of Guineas in the APA 2011 American Standard of Perfection are _____, _____, & ________.

19. True or False: Leghorns are in the Mediterranean class.

20. True or False: Brahmas come in Black.

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Trivia Question set #9

  1. What is the smallest breed of chicken? 
  2. How many tail feathers should a female chicken have on one side? 
  3. A Sebright Bantam Pullet is ___ oz. 
  4. What is the medicine for Coccidiosis? 
  5. True or False: On crested breeds, mites like to hide in the crest. 
  6. Are Sussex Bantams supposed to be deep?
  7. Do Australorps come in White?
  8. On Australorps, the highest point of the tail should be lined up with the _________.
  9. With Wyandotte Bantams, the shape of the back should look like a       a. V  b. U c. L  
  10. What color should Sebright eyes be?
  11. Do Toulouse Geese have Dewlaps? 
  12. Are Silkies the only Breed with Silky feathers? 
  13. Can Hens crow? 
  14. “Showgirl” Bantams are a mixture of _______ _______ & _________. 
  15. There are __ breeds in the English Class.
  16. There are __ Chicken Classes 
  17. Yokohamas come in ____ ___________ & _______. (Varieties)
  18. Do Marans always have Feather Feet? 
  19. On which breed is Squirrel Tail not a Disqualification? 
  20. Should Sebrights have Gypsy on their combs? 

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Trivia Question set#10

1.      How many eyelids does a chicken have?

2.      What are the 4 poultry diseases that are tested for during a N.P.I.P inspection?

3.      Can M. Galliseptum & M. Synoviae be passed from hen to egg?

4.      What does the "M" stand for in M. Galliseptum & Synoviae?

5.      Do chickens have tongues?

6.      Is the American Standard of Perfection by the ABA or APA?

7.      Chickens eat with their _____.

8.      True or False: Marek's Disease has a cure.

9.      Is Wazine used for Mites, Worms, or just for a Nutrient Boost?

10.  Which disease is the most likely if most of the birds affected only have 1 eye swollen, watery, & bubbly?

11.   If you see thick white bubbles in a Cornish's eyes is that a problem?

12.  How many Primary Flight Feathers should a chicken have?

13.  How many Main Tail Feathers should a female chicken have?

14.  Are male & female Muscovy Ducks the same size?

15.  If your chicken has worms, they live in your chickens __________.

16.  How many breeds of Turkeys are recognized by the American Standard of Perfection, & what are they?

17.  How many breeds of Geese are recognized by the American Standard of Perfection, & what are they?

18.  How many breeds of Guineas are recognized by the American Standard of Perfection, & what are they?

19.  How many types of Game Bantams are there?

20.  Can Chickens eat chocolate?  

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Trivia Question set #11

  1. What are the Two main things that makes roosters crow?
  2. When a Broody Hen's cluck is High-pitched it means, "______!"
  3. When a Broody Hen's cluck is Low-pitched it means, "______!"
  4. Which has stronger legs, Chickens or Guinea Fowl?
  5. The record of how many eggs laid in 1 year by 1 chicken is ____ (# of Eggs) by an ___________ (Breed).
  6. How many toes does a chicken have?
  7. Is a Thumb Mark a Disqualification or Defect?
  8. Brahmas used to be called, "____________."
  9. When Hatching in an Incubator, which usually hatches first, Bantams or Large Fowl?
  10. What is the cure for Marek's Disease?
  11. True or False: Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas should have Dark Slate undercolor.
  12. Sumatras are the only Breed who can have multiple _____ without being Penalized.
  13. How many Feet should a chicken have?
  14. What color should Earlobes be on a White Silkie?
  15. Is Porcelain a Variety?
  16. What color should Lavender Guinea shanks and toes be?
  17. Do turkeys have Beards?
  18. In the 2010 American Standard of Perfection, who is the Sponsor for Brown Red Cochin Bantams?
  19. Which are better at Flying, chickens or Guinea Fowl?
  20. Do Roosters crow only in the Morning?

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Trivia Question set #12

1.     Male Ducks are called _______.

2.     Female Ducks are called ______.

3.     Chickens are __________. (a. omnivores  b. carnivores  c. herbivores)

4.     The American Standard of Perfection used to be called the American Standard of ___________.

5.     Should Chickens eat chocolate?

6.     Should Chickens eat mold?

7.     For most Ducks, If it has a curl in its tail is it a Duck or Drake?

8.     How Many Breaths do a hen take in a minute?

9.     How Many Breaths do a rooster take in a minute?

10.   How Many Times do a chicken's heart beat in a minute?

11.   Are Chickens Reptiles, Birds, or Mammals?

12.    Does Melanosis color a chicken's skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons Pink, Blue, Black, Yellow, or Green?

13.   In what year was the first Poultry Exhibition held?

14.   In what month was the first Poultry Exhibition held?

15.    In what country was the first Poultry Exhibition held?

16.     How many exhibitors were showing at the first Poultry Exhibition held?

17.     How many birds were showed at the first Poultry Exhibition held?

18.    How many visitors were at the first Poultry Exhibition held?

19.    The Chicken was once a Sacred Animal symbolizing the ____.

20.    True or False: Alektorophobia means "The Fear of Chickens"

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Question set #13

1.     When Guineas make a "Buck-wheat" sound, does it mean that it is a Male or Female Guinea?

2.     Can you get sick from your poultry with Fowlpox?

3.     What is another name for Corid?

4.     Is the Coccidia that infests your poultry the same kind of Coccidia that can infest you?

5.     When your poultry get lice, can you get lice from them?

6.     True or False: Ducks can get worms.

7.     True or False: Some chickens have "Falcon Hocks".

8.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Cock?

9.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Cockerel?

10.    What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Hen?

11.     What is the weight of a Sebright Bantam Pullet?

12.     What is the weight of a Polish Cock?

13.     What is the weight of a Polish Cockerel?

14.     What is the weight of a Polish Hen?  

15.     What is the weight of a Polish Pullet?

16.     What is the weight of a Cornish  Cock?

17.     What is the weight of a Cornish Cockerel?

18.     What is the weight of a Cornish Hen?

19.     What is the weight of a Cornish Pullet?

20.     What color eyes should a Blue Andalusian have?

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Trivia Question set #14

1.    True or False: Sebrights come in Black Laced Lemon. 

2.    True or False: MG stands for Mycoplasma Gallifunitis. 

3.    True or False: Orpingtons originated in England. 

4.   True or False: A Black Hamburg has a Dark Slate beak. 

5.    Cubalaya Hens should weigh ___ __.    A.  26 oz.    B.  4 lb.   C.  20 lb.

6.    The 3 breeds in the Game Bantam Class are _______ _____, ______ ______ _____, & _______ _____.   A.    African Game, Old English Game, and Asian Game   B.  Modern Game, Old American Game, and English Game   C.  American Game, Old English Game, and Modern Game   

7.    Orpingtons don't come in ________.   A.  Maple   B.  Chocolate   C.  Lavender

8.    RIR stands for _____ ________ _____.   A.  Rhode Island Road   B.  Red Ink Residue   C.  Rhode Island Red  

9.    The Standard Weight of a Sebright Cockerel is ___ oz.

10. The Standard Weight of a Dutch Pullet is ___ oz.

11. The Standard Weight of a Bronze Old Tom is ___ lb. 

12.    The Standard Weight of a Call Old Duck is ____ oz. 

13. Which Duck Breed does not distinguish sex with drake feathers?

14. How long does it take for a Mallard Duck egg to hatch? 

15.  How long does it take for a Muscovy Duck egg to hatch?

16. Can Call Ducks Fly? 

17. Can Turkeys Fly?

18. Can Chickens Fly?

19.  Which U. S. State has the Blue Hen as their state bird?

20.  Are Japanese Bantams True Bantams?

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Trivia Question set #15

  1. True or False: A Chicken can only have 4 toes.
  2. True or False: Brown eggs have different nutritional values than other colored eggs.
  3. If you breed a Silkie and a Leghorn Bantam, will the chicks have walnut combs or single combs?
  4. What is an "Americana"?
  5. What are the feathers after the back, but before the tail called on a Male Chicken?
  6. What are the feathers after the back, but before the tail called on a Female Chicken?
  7. What is another name for a chicken's breastbone?
  8. Do you always have to depopulate if your flock gets Avian Influenza?
  9. What is a Drake?
  10. What is a Tom?
  11. What is a Gander?
  12. Which Duck Class are Runner Ducks in?
  13. Can Bantam Ducks Fly?
  14. What is the usual incubation period for Ducks? Hint, some breeds are different.
  15. What are the three standardized varieties of Guinea Fowl?
  16. True or False: The two colors in Birchen are Brown and White.
  17. Is Squirrel Tail Always a Disqualification?
  18. Are the three colors in the Porcelain variety, according to the Standard, "light straw" (or Yellow),  pale gray, and White?
  19. What are the three forms of feed?
  20. Can Turkeys get Blackfoot? 

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Trivia Question Set #16

1.     True or False: Clostridium botulinum is the scientific name for Botulism (or limber neck).

2.     True or False: White Leghorn Bantams should hold their tails at a 45 degree angle.

3.     True or False: Pasteurella usually occurs in chickens under 16 weeks of age.

4.     True or False: Wyandottes should have spiked rose combs.

5.     A Dutch Bantam pullet should be _______ ___.   A. 18 lb.   B. 1.8 oz.   C. 18 oz.   D. 1.8 lb.  

6.     Coccidiosis can be treated by _________.    A. Tylan 50   B. Corid   C. Wominator   D. no treatment  

7.     Bordetella is also called ________ Coryza. (type of poultry)

8.     Acute Fowl Cholera is most commonly found in __________, __________, __________, and ___________.   A. Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Pigeons   B. Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, and Seabirds   C. Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, and Turkeys   D. Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys 

9.     Is one of the symptoms of Acute Fowl Cholera extreme hunger?

10.  Does Fowl Pox effect only adult birds?

11.  Do Araucanas always have ear tufts?

12. How many toes does a chicken usually have?

13. How many toes do some chickens (Faverolles or Silkies) have?

14. Fowl Cholera is also known as ______ Cholera.

15. The ring of color around the pupil of the eye is called the _____.

16.True or False:  You may use Frontline for Dogs and Cats on your chickens.

17.  A golden chicken is called _____.

18.Sebrights originated in ______.   A. England   B. Italy   C. United States   D. Antarctica

19. Should chickens eat chocolate?

20.Can East Indie Ducks fly?

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