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Silver Laced, Golden Laced, White, Black, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian, Blue, & Blue Laced Red

Photo Courtesy of Dark Star Farm

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Have BLRW HATCHING EGGS FOR SALE FOR $2.00/EACH OR $20.00/Dozen! Also selling BLRW CHICKS FOR $5.00/Each! Please call or text (762)436-3600 or call (706)335-2439 …

CT - Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster 6 Months Old 
6 month old Sliver Lace Wyandotte Rooster available. He is beautiful and vigorous, fed organic feed, has his Marek's vaccine and is available for pick-up …

TN - English Jubilee Orpington Pairs 
We have beautiful English Jubilee Orpington juveniles available to ship beginning mid-September as that is when the weather is forecasted to cool down. …

NY - Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster 11 weeks 
Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster age 11 weeks, needs a home, Long Island, NY area...contact me at laurel718@hotmail.com

OH - Lavender Wyandotte cocks 
Very big and healthy boys,true 100% lavender color. Call me at 330-739-5054

CA-Rare chocolate wyandotte roster 
I am selling my rare chocolate Wyandotte show rooster. He is about a year and a quarter old. He is a great show bird for a first time 4-H'er. If you …

OK - Columbian Wyandottes 
I am looking for a trio of Show Quality Columbian Wyandottes. My grandson is wanting to start showing. Contact me at: (405) 323-4847 Thanks! Mike Hightower …

KY - Wyandottes - Lavender, Blue, Black, and Splash 
I have exhibition quality Wyandottes available. Colors include Lavender, Black, Blue, and Splash! Shipping available. Please visit us at www.chickenridgefarm.com …

TX - Cockerel Cochin Bantam  
Black and white Cochin bantam cockerel. Mother has smooth feathers and father is a bantam frizzle. Father won best of show in the bantam category this …

OK - White Wyandottes 
I currently have chicks available, as well as two cockerels that are six months old. The parents have won many championships at large fowl shows: …

ME- Wyandottes in Black, BLR, Lavender occasionally others 
We raise and show Standard Wyandottes in various colors. I have blue laced reds, blacks, and I started a project of Lavender wyandottes a few yrs back. …

OH - Wyandottes 
Standard Buff, Partridge, Silver-Penciled, White Wyandottes - For more information, email powellsjeb@centurylink.net .

TX - Silver Laced Wyandottes 
Chicks now available. Our rooster came from Jerry Foley. Email us at texastunis@yahoo.com or call 254-715-6815.

VA - Silver laced and Partridge wyandottes  
I breed heritage standard silver laced and partridge wyandottes. I have been working with them for a number of years and am constantly trying to improve …

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Wanted: in Tx. Silver laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster.  
WANTED : In Texas , Silver Laced Wyandotte : Looking for a young rooster/cockerel for sale. Must be very good quality,good genetics, and docile. Or a trio …

Wanted: Lavender Wyandotte 
I am in southeastern PA, in search of a Lavender pullet, preferably a Wyandotte. Please email at ajaustin411@gmail.com, thank you!

Wanted: Wyandottes 
Looking for quality show type silver laced and white Wyandottes to breed and distribute to the youth exhibitors in our area. I am located in Parrish, Florida …

Wanted: Blue Laced Red Wyandottes primarily and others 
Looking to have a larger flock of Wyandottes - Southern California. At least 10 birds. FLYVIGGO@GMAIL.COM

Wanted: Blue Red Laced Wyandotte 
Looking to buy Blue Red Laced Wyandotte pullets chicks. My email is: lgroves46@yahoo.com I live in Wichita Falls Texas.

Wanted: Show quality White Wyandottes 
We are looking for show quality LF Wyandottes, really in need of a White Rooster. Also interested in all varieties as well-located in Michigan. Please …

Wanted: Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster 
I am in California and I am looking for a mature Silver Lace Wyandotte Rooster for my hobby Hen farm. email cjraentry@aol.com

Wanted: White Wyandotte Bantam 
My name is Mary Driver. I'm searching for show quality white wyandotte bantams (hens, pullets, or hatching eggs). We have raised standard black orpingtons …

Wanted: Black Wyandottes 
Looking for Black Wyandottes Large Fowl. Located in California but happy to pay for shipping. starcrwn50@gmail.com

Wanted: Silver-laced Wyandottes 
I'm in central Oklahoma, looking to purchase a pair of female chicks or pullets, black & white silver laced wynadottes please text 405-334-6850 or email …

Wanted: Blue Wyandotte and Blue laced Red Wyandotte 
Looking for a blue-laced Wyandotte hen and a blue laced red Wyandotte hen. I can be reached at ddtj160@yahoo.com. I live in CA.

Wanted: Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockerel 
Wanted: Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockerel. Michigan - 906-573-3455 or billygood@hughes.net

Wanted: Silver Laced Wyandottes 
I am looking for silver laced Wyandottes of good quality. I want 4 pullets and one rooster. Juveniles or a pair or trio of young adults. I live in Jesup, …

Wanted: Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster 
I am looking for one Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster. Please contact me at (334)805-4180 or legacydodge3@aol.com

Wanted: POLISH 
Desire Show Quality PAIR Polish White Crest/Black. Located in FL. Can anyone help! Terri Moongazewhippets@aol.com

Wanted: Columbian Wyandotte - LF 
I am looking for show quality Columbian Wyadottes. I would be interested in chicks, hatching eggs or would even consider a trio. I live in Colorado. okmassey@gmail.com. …

Wanted: Blue Laced Wyandottes 
I'm looking for blue laced Wyandotte chicks. please feel free to reach me at sararickord@yahoo.com thank you

Wanted: Silver Laced Wyandotte 
I need an adult Silver Laced Wyandotte Cock can be reached at jreisenhauer118@gmail.com

Wanted: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte 
We need baby pullet chicks for May 9, 2016 for our 4-H kids for their poultry chain projects. We only need 10 baby pullets of the blue laced red wyandottes. …

Wanted: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte pullets 
I am in Brenham, Texas and am looking for BLR Wyandotte pullets.979-277-4119 I could go to the poultry show in LaGrange in March.

Wanted: Wyandotte 
I am looking for a buff Wyandotte rooster. I am in East Texas and I can be reached through text or call 469-236-3970

Wanted: Blue-laced Gold Wyandotte, tx 
I'm looking for blue laced gold Wyandotte hens and rooster. I want to raise them for my farm in Austin, Texas. Where can I get some, please.

Wanted: Giant Blue Cochin, Gold Lace Wyandotte, Dominiques 
I am looking for a source of show quality chicks. In the center of the nation please, springtime. Contact me at: 605-852-2618

Wanted: BLR Wyandotte 
Looking for female BLR Wyandottes. Pullets 6 weeks+, preferred to introduce w current hens. Email: maryannrochin@yahoo.com

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Wanted: Wyandottes Laced 
I'm looking for golden laced, silver laced and columbiam laced wyandottes, or any ones you have. You must either deliver to my address, or I can pickup …

Wanted: Silver-Laced Wyandotte Hen 
I am looking for a show quality silver-laced Wyandotte hen. I am located in Delaware, Ohio. Email cassadycalder@aol.com.

Wanted: Columbian Wyandotte 
I'm looking for Columbian Wyandottes. I live in Crawfordville, FL 32327. Email: dori@embarqmail.com

Wanted: Golden Laced Wyandottes 
I am looking for some golden laced Wyandotte chicks but I want the rare metallic blue colored ones. Does anybody know someone who breeds these? I fell …

Wanted: Standard Columbian Wyandottes 
Looking for standard Columbian Wyandottes - Central Virginia. Email phyllisvrussell@aol.com.

Wanted: Blue Laced Wyandotte  
Looking for a cockerel. Live in Apple Valley, Calif. Can be reached at barkerbantys@gmail.com

Show Quality BLR Wyandotte 
Hi, I'm new to Showing Chickens. I've fallen head over heals for Wyandottes. I'm looking for a Show Quality BLR Wyandotte. If you show and have healthy …

Buff Laced Wyandotte 
Looking for Buff Laced Wyandotte! I'm located at Mesa,AZ 85206! Can be reached at (602) 390-1000! Can be reached at torowrestling@gmail.com!

I am looking for standard trio silverlaced wyandotte adult show guality. Contact me at eddofborzoi@yahoo.com

Buff Wyandotte Large Fowl 
Looking for a trio or more. I will accept older birds and am willing to travel to pick them up. I will be at shows in KY, MN, TN, OH & FL Please call …

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  1. NY - NPIP-Showgirls and silkies, can ship

    Fish Mountain Farm is located in NY and offers showgirls and silkies. Our showgirls come in splash, blue, black, and partridge. We have bearded and non

  2. Ontario- True Blue or Black Ameraucana Day Old Chicks

    I am now accepting orders for day-old large fowl, potential show quality Ameraucauna chicks. In Canada these are a very rare, sought after breed.

  3. NY-NPIP Silkies and showgirls in all kinds of colors and can offer shipping

    Fish Mountain Farm is located in NY and we offer Silkie chickens in all sorts of colors and ages. If you like showgirl/naked neck silkies, we have a few


    Chick N Stuff Farm in Crump, TN offers Narraganset eggs, poults and turkeys for sale each breeding season. Reservations accepted in advance, if preferred.

  5. NH - Rhode Island White Rose Comb

    Raising quality RIW rose comb These birds were hatched from Rob Newburn and Ryon Carey lines. Available for $25 each Two 1 year old cocks Two 1 year

  6. PA - Columbian Wyandotte Bantams

    Show and Breeder Quality H.R.Rogers (717) 314-5323 hrrogers1@yahoo.com