Arkansas - Large Fowl Wyandottes of various colors

by Linda McGrath
(Beebe, AR, USA)

2018 SLW pullet

2018 SLW pullet

2018 SLW pullet
2017 GLW breeders
BLRW Pullet - BOB 2016 State Fair
2018 Lavender Cockerel

Arkansas - Dragonfly Farm specializes in quality, Large-Fowl Wyandottes in various colors.
Silver-laced, Gold-laced, Blue-laced Red, Black, Blue, Columbian, Lavender and Barred. Chicks, hatching eggs and started adults available seasonally. To find out more or to be put on our list, check out DragonflyFarmAR on Facebook or call (501) 258-5123 and leave a message.

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Mar 29, 2019
Bonnie Peterson reply NEW
by: Dragonfly Farm

Bonnie Peterson, I am currently hatching GLW chicks but having nothing available older than 4 weeks at this time. Don't breed partridge variety. If you are interested, give me a call and leave a message.

Mar 28, 2019
Cockerel NEW
by: Bonnie Peterson

Do you have any golden laced or partridge cockerels 6 mos and older available

Mar 22, 2019
golden laced wyanndottes
by: shoal creek poultry

hi im looking for a pullet or hen breeder qualityplease let me know if you have anything available or put me on your waiting list! thankyou

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