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CA - Polish

by Bonnie Goodman

Silver, gold and buff laced, black crested white, tolbunt, frizzled, white crested black and blue, red crested red.
I also have some sultans, creveceours, and houdans.
I live in Southern California have about 20 birds available, ages 5 weeks and up.
Very reasonable prices. Call Bonnie 661-974-3236. More pictures on Facebook at Frizzled and Fabulous Farm.

Comments for CA - Polish

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Jan 31, 2021
polish tolbunt roosters NEW
by: Elfinforestfarms

I'm looking to re-home my two polish tolbunt roosters. One is frizzle, one is smooth. Both boys are very pretty and about 9 month old, very friendly and easy to pick up. My flock of large chickens don't accept them :(. The broody that hatched the eggs, accepted all the chicks, except tolbunts, I had to raise them separate under lamp.
If interested, please contact me by email elfinforestfarms@gmail.com

Mar 09, 2019
Excellent breeder! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have hatched several dozen of her eggs and always had a great hatch rate and beautiful chicks!

Oct 13, 2018
2 polish hens please NEW
by: Pamlc

Wondering if you had or could direct me to someone that sells Polish Pullets or hens. I’d like to add a golden-laced and a black/white one if I’m able to be so picky. 😊

Sep 17, 2018
Looking to buy 2-3 adult polish female chickens NEW
by: Jenn

Would prefer all different polish chickens, adding to a single polish adult. I live in Northern California in Hollister.

Aug 22, 2018
Black white crested NEW
by: Lisa KV

I want to buy a hen chick. Please let me know if one is available and the cost plus shipping. I want to buy ASAP.

Thank you,

Aug 05, 2018
Crested Polish young hen (6months or younger) NEW
by: Sarita

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a pair of Crested Polish young hen (6months or younger may the best to add to my 10 flock of 4 months). Color is flexible.

I live in Sebastopol, California. I can maybe even drive to avoid shipping stress depending on your location.

Please email or call:

Thank you

Jul 29, 2017
Golden Laced Polish NEW
by: Kristen

I am looking for 2-3 hens and a rooster to complete my flock. Do you have any available?

Jan 09, 2017
Frizzle Hens-Desperately looking to buy NEW
by: Tom

Looking to buy 5-6 Polish Frizzle Hens--full size,any age or color. I live in Georgia and will drive a reasonable distance or pay for live shipping.
Call Tom 706 329-3889

Sep 21, 2016
Looking for two Polish Hens. NEW
by: Kat

I am looking for two Polish hens, doesn't matter what kind however I would prefer the Buff Laced Polish. I live in the US in the state of Utah, so don't contact me unless you are willing to ship or live within a two days driving distance of me. I do not care about the age, however the younger the better. I'll take anything from a adult to a day old chick. Please contact me if interested.

Email: katherine.bown@gmail.com

Jul 17, 2016
Show Bird NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you happen to have any Tolbunt Polish left?

Do you ship?

If so, do you ship singular, or in batches?

Do you have any Tolbunts Polish that are 2 months or older?

Thanks so much, and please feel free to E-Mail me
(Caoilin A.) at austinc1@vailstudents.org

Jun 25, 2016
Looking for a couple frizzles NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello I hav been searching for someone who can ship chicks. I'm in Northern California. I have a small brood. A 44 yr old English hen( sadly we lost her BF recently) and I have 3 five week old chicks. 2 silkies that seem to be acting like like roo's and a silkie mix lil girl. I have been trying to find a frizzle do you ship? And f so how far? Please let me know thank you

Jun 11, 2016
frizzled NEW
by: Barb

Looking for Frizzled and assorted colored Polish. Do you ship to NJ? barbbdec@aol.com Thank you.

Mar 18, 2016
Polish Frizzle - Yeah! NEW
by: Anonymous

We have been looking and looking for polish frizzle Pullets for sometime. Please give me a call so we can visit. 785-979-7941. Michele Morton-Best

Thank you!

Dec 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

Can you ship your birds?

Oct 21, 2015
chickens for 4h project
by: chickensawesome

polish frizzle please or eggs to hatch!! Champion Row quality!

Oct 07, 2015
Polish Frizzle
by: Anonymous

I have a 4H child looking for this breed please text me 9282617592. We are in s.w. arizona

Jan 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Im looking for White Crested Black Polish baby chicks.

Jan 13, 2015
Tolbunt Polish Frizzle
by: Anonymous

I too, am looking for either a Tolbunt Polish Frizzle or a Blue Polish white crested frizzle, or a bearded Silver laced Polish Frizzle, only hens.


Jan 11, 2015
Looking for Tolbunt frizzle
by: Anonymous

I would love to get a Tolbunt frizzle to add to my small collection of bantams. Please text or call 951-7 nine 5-71 three 7. I'm looking for a hen, or will take my chances with a younger one. My girls are treasured pets and are very spoiled. I have 2 frizzle bantam Cochins, and one Silkie.

Thank you

Dec 21, 2014
Polish Hen
by: Deborah

Looking for a polish hen to be a friend with my gold lace polish contact me at deborahstaydohar@gmail.com

Nov 17, 2014
Golden Polish
by: Angela Johnston

Hello, I am looking to purchase some Golden polish/and other polish breeds. I live in Kansas. Would you ship them? you can contact me by email. thank you (ajohnston@shawneecourt.org)

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