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Jacksonville Area Pigeon Club - November 12, 2022

by Sarah Brown

Another day of showing at the annual JAPC show occurred at the Morgan County fairgrounds in Jacksonville, IL on Saturday, November 12th. Our judge this year was Noah Shields from Indiana. He did a wonderful job judging all the Jr. show entries, as well as the adult show birds. Noah completed judging at 2pm with the following results:
The Adult Show had 8 exhibitors, showing 16 different breeds, with a total of 93 birds shown. Champion Sporting was won by Alan Shofner (Illinois) with a Racing Homer. Champion Fancy was won by Dan Kranawetter (Missouri) with an Indian Fantail. Champion Utility was won by Jesse Deming (Illinois) with a Texas Pioneer. Champion AOV was won by Pam Petersen (Missouri) with a Bruner Pouter. Pam went on to win the Champion of Show with the Bruner Pouter; her awards included $20 cash, a certificate, and a lawn chair.
The Jr. Show had 4 exhibitors, showing 5 different breeds, with a total of 28 birds shown. Champion AOV was won by Cecilia Carter (Illinois) with a Frillback. Reserve Champion AOV was won by Wyatt Deming (Illinois) with a Texas Pioneer. Champion Sporting was won by Hunter Ward (Indiana) with a Racing Homer. Hunter went on to win the Champion of Show with the Racing Homer; his awards included $20 cash, a certificate, a trophy, a pigeon breed poster, and a hat.
The club greatly appreciates all the donations and contributions to the show and the club. We received over $200 in donations this year! The feed raffle and silent auction would not be possible without the generosity of club members, local feed mills, and businesses.
Local businesses that donated or contributed to the show include:
Safeco Donuts (Jacksonville) Home Depot (Jacksonville) Los Rancheros (Jacksonville)
Kalmbach Feeds (Cynthia Zimmerman of Peoria) Applebee’s (Jacksonville)
Bradfordton Grain Elevator (Springfield) Farm & Home Supply (Quincy)

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the JAPC!!!!

The JAPC was founded in 1973 by pigeon fanciers from Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Please plan to join us for our 49th annual show on November 11th, 2023. (It will be our 49th show because we cancelled our show in 2020 due to Covid restrictions.)
We plan to be in the 4-H building on the Morgan County fairgrounds again, where we will have lots of space. If you know of any breed clubs who are interested in holding a breed meet at our show next year, please contact JAPC Secretary Sarah Brown at the club email JAPCpigeons2017@gmail.com, or call/text at 217-320-3543.

Breed - Class - Number in class
Exhibitor name - Placing - Band # - Special Award

Flying Roller YH 6 Adnan Hasanovic 1st 2615
Aaron Lorton 2nd 622
Adnan Hasanovic 3rd 2613
Earl/Sharon Chapman 4th BL2159
Aaron Lorton 5th 621
Aaron Lorton 6th 620
YC 4 Adnan Hasanovic 1st 2612 Reserve Champ Flying Roller
Aaron Lorton 2nd 619
Aaron Lorton 3rd 613
Earl/Sharon Chapman 4th BL2162
OH 6 Adnan Hasanovic 1st 683
Aaron Lorton 2nd 1351
Earl/Sharon Chapman 3rd 2122
Parlor Roller OH 1 Pam Petersen 1st 3989 Champ Parlor Roller
Indian Fantail YH 4 Dan Kranaweter 1st 1708
Dan Kranaweter 2nd 1706
Dan Kranaweter 3rd 1700
Dan Kranaweter 4th 1705
YC 2 Dan Kranaweter 1st 1703
Dan Kranaweter 2nd 1702
OH 1 Dan Kranaweter 1st 328 Champ Indian Fantail, Champ Fancy
OC 5 Dan Kranaweter 1st 1174 Reserve Champ Indian Fantail
Dan Kranaweter 2nd 651
Dan Kranaweter 3rd 645
Dan Kranaweter 4th IF5
Dan Kranaweter 5th 658
Texas Pioneer YH 5 Jesse Deming 1st DG 1529 Champ Texas Pioneer, Champ Utility
Jesse Deming 2nd TPAI 301
Jesse Deming 3rd TPAI 328
Jesse Deming 4th TPAI 329
Jesse Deming 5th TPAI 321
YC 5 Jesse Deming 1st NPA 326 Reserve Champ Texas Pioneer
Jesse Deming 2nd DG 1527
Jesse Deming 3rd DG 1530
Jesse Deming 4th TPAI 303
Jesse Deming 5th DG 1525
OH 1 Jesse Deming 1st ASTP 293
OC 1 Jesse Deming 1st 286
Minindian YH 3 Dan Kranawetter 1st 327 Reserve Champ Minindian
Dan Kranawetter 2nd 331
Dan Kranawetter 3rd 326
YC 4 Dan Kranawetter 1st 328 Champ Minindian
Pam Petersen 2nd 263
Dan Kranawetter 3rd 325
Dan Kranawetter 4th 329
OH 1 Brown's Loft 1st 2385
Helmet YH 3 Earl/Sharon Chapman 1st AB 1796 Champ Helmet
Earl/Sharon Chapman 2nd AL 2188
Earl/Sharon Chapman 3rd AL 2187
YC 1 Earl/Sharon Chapman 1st AB 1793
OH 1 Earl/Sharon Chapman 1st AC 417
OC 1 Earl/Sharon Chapman 1st 212 Reserve Champ Helmet
Modena OH 4 Brown's Loft 1st 209 Reserve Champ Modena
Brown's Loft 2nd 4925
Brown's Loft 3rd 1811
Brown's Loft 4th 219
OC 2 Brown's Loft 1st 4560 Champ Modena
Brown's Loft 2nd 200
Classic Old Frill OH 2 Brown's Loft 1st 1804 Reserve Champ COF
Brown's Loft 2nd 1927
OC 2 Brown's Loft 1st 940 Champ COF
Brown's Loft 2nd 1946
Figurita YH 1 Pam Petersen 1st 711 Champ Figurita
YC 1 Pam Petersen 1st 76
OH 2 Pam Petersen 1st 13
Pam Petersen 2nd 2355
Italian Owl YH 2 Pam Petersen 1st 2724 Champ Italian Owl
Pam Petersen 2nd 68
Zitterhall YC 1 Pam Petersen 1st 72 Champ Zitterhall
OH 1 Pam Petersen 1st 344
Frillback YH 1 Pam Petersen 1st 1659 Champ Frillback
Voorburg Shield CropperYH 1 Pam Petersen 1st 741 Reserve Champ Cropper
OC 1 Pam Petersen 1st 2058 Champ Cropper
Bruner Pouter OC 1 Pam Petersen 1st 308 Champ Pouter, Champ AOV, Champ of Show
Show Homer OC 1 Brown's Loft 1st 1759 Champ Show Homer
Breed Class Number in class Exhibitor name Placing Band # Special Award
Racing Homer YH 1 Chezney Ward 1st 16
YC 2 Hunter Ward 1st 8 Reserve Champ Racing Homer
Chezney Ward 2nd 12
OH 5 Hunter Ward 1st 309 Champ Racing Homer, Champ Sporting, Champ of Show
Chezney Ward 2nd 106497
Hunter Ward 3rd 328
Hunter Ward 4th 106498
Chezney Ward 5th 327
OC 4 Chezney Ward 1st 2
Hunter Ward 2nd 29506
Chezney Ward 3rd 373
Hunter Ward 4th 332
New York Flying Flight YC 2 Hunter Ward 1st 1906 Champ NY Flying Flight
Chezney Ward 2nd 1920
Frillback YH 2 Cecilia Carter 1st 135 Reserve Champ Frillback
Cecilia Carter 2nd 137
OH 5 Cecilia Carter 1st 31 Champ Frillback, Champ AOV
Cecilia Carter 2nd 1465
Cecilia Carter 3rd 32
Cecilia Carter 4th 34
Cecilia Carter 5th 1466
OC 1 Cecilia Carter 1st 33
Rostov Tumbler OC 2 Cecilia Carter 1st 0.001 Champ Rostov Tumbler
Cecilia Carter 2nd 16
Texas Pioneer YC 2 Wyatt Deming 1st DD 113 Champ Texas Pioneer
Wyatt Deming 2nd DD 115
OH 2 Wyatt Deming 1st EA 1040 Reserve Champ Texas Pioneer
Wyatt Deming 2nd EA 1090
Adnan Hasanovic 4th 773
Aaron Lorton 5th 3318
Aaron Lorton 6th 1303990
OC 9 Adnan Hasanovic 1st 672 Champion Flying Roller
Adnan Hasanovic 2nd 679
Adnan Hasanovic 3rd 120
Aaron Lorton 4th 1287854
Adnan Hasanovic 5th 604
Aaron Lorton 6th 1303968
Adnan Hasanovic 7th 93
Earl/Sharon Chapman 8th 815
Aaron Lorton 9th 3319
Racing Homer YC 3 Alan Shofner 1st Ill 5355 Champ Racing Homer, Champ Sporting
Alan Shofner 2nd CRP 799
Alan Shofner 3rd MTP 3237
OH 2 Alan Shofner 1st AU 78852 Reserve Champ Racing Homer
Alan Shofner 2nd Ill 355
OC 1 Alan Shofner 1st AU 78796

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