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TX - Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas from Show Stock 
I am located in Huntington, Texas, about 120 miles north of Houston in deep East Texas near the Lufkin area and Sam Rayburn Lake. I breed and show …

TX - Lavender Ameraucanas From Show Stock has beautiful Lavender Ameraucanas from the Paul Smith bloodline hatched year-long from Show Quality parents. Average $30 each.

TX- Black, Blue, Splash, and White Ameraucanas 
We are located in Arp, Texas. Arp is located in northeast Texas between Tyler and Henderson on State Highway 64. We breed and show Black, Blue, Splash, …

OK - Ameraucana Chicks/ Hatching Eggs 
Ameraucana hatching eggs and chicks in blue, black, and splash $3/egg Taking chick orders-hatching in Feb. $5/chick My Ameraucanas are Paul Smith lines. …

IL - 8 Ameraucana roosters  
Have 8 Americauna roosters . Very nice. Less than a year old. Have too many. Will sell or trade for Ameraucana laying hens.

FL - FRIZZLED Ameraucanas - all colors - show quality 
Sweet Pea Farm currently offers show quality - Large Fowl Frizzled Ameraucanas - all colors and varieties - most of our eggs are blue, and our birds carry …

MD - Ameraucanas 
Show Quality/Breeder Quality Ameraucanas - Chicks/Started Birds. Best way to reach me is by calling 301-633-7866.

TN - Ameraucana Large Fowl in B/B/S, Buff, Brown Red & Lavender 
Selling chicks through started pairs from our BV and BB winning stock. We are NPIP certified and can ship or transport birds to shows. …

PA - Black, Blue, and Splash Ameraucana 
I usually always have some birds for sale. I can sell eggs, day olds, started birds, or adults. I am not shipping eggs or birds at this time. You can …

PA - Buff, blue and black Ameraucanas 
We have several nice pairs of buff and black (LF) Ameraucanas for sale. We will gladly provide more pics of specific birds, and some pics can be seen …

IL - NPIP - Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Splash Ameraucana by Paradise Found Farm 
Beautiful, large ( average weights: 5 lb Hens,8 lb Roosters), tame birds with good conformation and colors. Very little, if any, ticking in the hackles …


AL - B/Bk/Sp Ameraucanas 
I sell (ship) Ameraucana hatching eggs and (pick up only) Ameraucana chicks. My birds are not all show quality, but they are from good stock and are …

MI - Ameraucana day-old chicks, March - May. 
Large fowl: buff, lavender, black & silver. Go to for details and an order form. Also have bantams available. Order early to …

IN - Ameraucanas  
Ameraucanas L.F. Black, Blue and splash, email .

ISO - Ameraucana SF or Bantam  
Hello, I am hoping to find someone who has Ameraucana hens/pullets for sale. Show quality not necessary! Small backyard pet flock. Hens/Pullets/past …

OH - R.I.R. and Ameracauna chicks (#2) 
I Have been hatching out Rhode Island Red chicks and are available for 2.50 each. I also have been hatching out black show quality bloodline(sharon york)Ameracauna …

OK - Black Ameraucana LF 
Have several Roos available, one year old in Feb. May have hatching eggs/chicks in the spring. Will trade for Blues, or 25.00 each. Lynnae Englund 918-504-8993 …

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Wanted: Ameraucana Chickens 
I am looking for Ameraucanas. I live in central Virginia but I will travel. Todd Hawkins 804/317-3991. Thanks.

Wanted: Ameraucana Wheaten Chickens near Houston Texas Near Katy TX I have two hens currently, I know I would need to keep separate til they mature some.

Wanted: Bantam Ameraucana female pullet 

Wanted: Lavender Ameraucana hatching eggs 
Looking to purchase Lavender Ameraucana hatching eggs. I can be reached at

ISO AMERAUCANAS: breeders in or near CT please contact me:)) Looking for 4-under year old hen:)) Email:

Wanted: Ameraucana rooster 
Looking for Americana rooster or young cockerel. Text or call 859-242-0034 In Northern KY close to Cincinnati

Wanted: Black Ameraucana 
I am looking for male black Ameraucanas - chicks, cockerels, or rooster for breeding. May be interested in purchasing a show quality adult. I am located …

Wanted: Blue Ameraucana chickens 
Female chicks or pullets - I live in Oregon. E-mail

Wanted: Ameraucana Bantams 
Checking to see if you have any birds for sale that might be show quality. Email to egggoddard@hotmail. Thanks

White Purbred Ameraucana Wanted 
Hi, I'm looking for a solid white purebred Ameraucana hen or fertile eggs that could produce a sold white Ameraucana. Please email me at …

Araucana or Ameraucana pullets 
I am looking for 6 to 8 Araucana or Ameraucana pullets and a rooster. I am located in VA. You can contact me at 301-471-5966 Or

VA - Ameraucanas 
I am looking for Araucana or Ameraucana pullets and a rooster. I am in VA. 301-471-5955

Want to Buy 2-3 Silky Feathered Ameraucana pullets, chicks 
Located in Memphis. Want birds shipped or can pick up near Memphis, TN.

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