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Barred, Birchen, Black, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed Red, Black Tailed White, Blue, Blue Brassy Back, Blue Breasted Red, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Blue Red, Blue Wheaten, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Buff, Columbian, Crele, Cuckoo, Fawn Red, Fawn Silver Duckwing, Ginger Red, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Opal, Quail, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Blue, Silver Duckwing, Silver Ginger, Spangled, Splash, Wheaten, & White

Photo Courtesy of Walter Moran

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For sale pair of Hawaiian (Ne-ne) Geese, for sale 
We now have a pair of Hawaiian (Ne-ne) Geese, hatched 2015 both pinioned email : claws@linuxmail.org

IN - Crele Old English Game Bantam Chickens 
We have two Crele Old English Game Bantam Chickens for sale, these were bought for my kids to show and are approx 1 year old. (317)474-5975 text or call. …

TX - OEG Bantams  
Oeg bantams I'm located in Belton Texas I can be reached at 254 227 9224 my names Joe.

WI - Old English Game Bantams 
Have many colors of OEGB'S for sale. Wheatens, Blue Wheatens, Spangles, BB Reds, Blue Tailed Buffs, Black Tailed Buffs, Buffs, and Blue Wheaten Sports. …

TX - B.B.Red, Black, & White O.E.Bantams 
I am a Licensed Poultry Judge With Both The American Bantam Association & The American Poultry Association.I am A master breeder of both B.B.Reds & Black …

KY - Spangled Old English Bantams 
I have 3 male and 3 female Spangled Old English Bantam chickens for sale. 8 weeks old. I need to sell as I don't have room for them all. Email Billy …

PA - Silver duckwing old English game bantams 
3 trios hatched in 2013. Decent quality and type. Great pets. Asking 40 a pair. Email me at welovehorses4@verizon.net

OEGB for sale 
1 wheaten roo & 2 pairs of brown reds - may have others I might let go also. I can be reached at 254 227 9224 Thanks, Joe

NC - Brown Red Old English Game Bantams 
Trio of brown reds for sale, I do have one other hen I will sell. For info email me @ .... oldenglishbantams@gmail.com.

NY - Old. Eng. Game Bantams 
I raise White, Blue Wheaten, Black, Wheaten, and Splash Old English. --Top Bloodlines-- Will show at Bath ,N.Y., Waddington,N.Y. Cobbleshill, N.Y. and …

PA - Black, Silver Duckwing, Blue & BBR 
Email is the best communication: tpspitler@comcast.net

AL - Several various breeds 
I have 2 Fawn Duckwing hens , 1 pair of Silver Duckwing, 2 Self Blue hens, 3 Black hens and 1 Brown Red rooster for sale. They are $10 each or $100 for …

NH - Old English Game Bantams 
Contact us at www.chickenswapsofnh.com for more information.

For sale some white OEGB pairs and trios These birds are from SQ Parents... 6 months old Birds, very good looking. First come first serve. …

IN - Black Breasted Red Old English-Male Line 
I usually have a few for sale. Contact me at jmbowles@comcast.net for availability.

IN - BBR OEGB 6 and 4 month old male and females for sale Barnes Line 
My daughters focus is BBR's out of the Barnes line and Hodgeback line. At this time she is in College and has given me permission to sell off our first …

GA - Brown Red OEGB 
I have one pair of show quality brown red old English game bantams for sale, contact info. 770- 464-5052

NE - Old English game birds  
I have 6-week-old Old English Game Bantam birds for sale, $15.00 each. You can contact me at rollers01@hotmail.com .

NY - Old Eng. Game Bantams 
Raise and sell Old Eng. Game Bantams--in White, Black, Wheaten, and Blue Wheaten---will have some nice show birds for sale in fall contact me at 1-315-322-8993 …

TN - OEG BB Reds, Whites, Blacks, Silver Duckwings 
I have OEG BB Reds, Whites, Blacks, and Silver Duckwings in male line. My birds are out of top blood line breeders but I do not have time to show them …

MI - Show Quality Black Breasted Red OEGB Cockerel 
I have a very good show quality Black Breasted Red OEGB for sale. He is about 5 months old, he is very gentle, has a good personality and very good color …

I have BB Red Old English Game bantams for sale. I'm in Lafayette, LA. My cell number is 337-654-2619.

AL - BB Red females and White OE  
I have BB Red female line for sale and a 4 White OE. Tanner/Lyle King female line BB`s 8 Total and 4 White OE Cockerels and Pullets are Webster/Cole, …

NY - Old English Game 
For more information, contact jcpierce43@gmail.com.

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Wanted: Golden Mille Fleur pullet 
Im located in StPetersburg FL, I could meet someone at the Inverness FL show on March 5, 2016 Nancys.imail@gmail.com

Wanted: Blue Red Old English 
I am looking for a good breeder pair of Blue Red Old English.I live in Pottsville Ar. If you can help please call my cell phone at 479-970-5787. Thank …

Wanted: Old English game bantams 
I'm looking for silver-duckwings and self blues, would perfer trios, I am in Tomanche, Texas. You can reach me at 325-330-1075. Thanks.

Old English Crele rooster at least 6 months old 
Willing to travel anywhere in Ohio or nearby surrounding states.

Wanted: Old English game bird bantams, bearded D'Uccle bantams, & several standards: the easter eggers, salmon faverolles, buff brahmas, barred rocks, wyandottes, 
I am looking for Old English Game Bantams, Mille Fleur Bearded d'Uccle bantams, Standard Buff, golden Polish, various standard dual purpose breeds.I …

I'm looking for a good OEGB breeder in GA. 
I am just getting into the OEGB. I can't find any breeders local. Can anyone suggest a good breeder in Georgia? If so please call or text 706-975-7419. …

Wanted: BB Red bantam hens 
Looking for BB red bantam hens anywhere near Philadelphia PA or within 2-3 hours. Don't need to be show, don't need lineage, they're just for the family. …

Wanted: Quail Colored OEGB Hatching Eggs 
Looking for Quail OEGBs and/or hatching eggs to add to my pair. Prefer regular quail but would consider blue quail! Please e-mail tempotoo@gmail.com. …

Wanted: Lemon Blue OEG  
IN. My daughter would like a pair of Lemon Blue OEG so she can hatch some chicks of her own for 4H. My contact info is preferably email: poultryleader@gmail.com …

Wanted: Lemon blue old english 
I'm looking for lemon blue old English bantam cockerel and a couple brown red hens to go with it. Email me at redheadedrototillerkiller@yahoo.com

Wanted: Old english 
I am looking for Blue Quail OE or Blue Quail sports.I live in California, I will pay shipping. My #559-930-2685 Thanks, James

WANTED\NEEDED Old English Game Bantam Hen For Showmanship! 
Looking for an OEG Bantam Hen 1-3 years old for showmanship. Preferably gentle and well handled. In almost any variety except BBRed, Wheaten, Mille Fleur. …

Wanted: Pair of any variety OEGB  
Looking for a couple 4H show quality chicks to one year of age. Contact me at allucas@earthlink.net

Wanted: Spangled OE Bantam Cockeral 
I am in Central Florida and am looking for a decent Spangled OE game bantam cockeral. My hens are from the Carrey Bantam lines. Lefty4103@aol.com

Wanted: Old English Game Bantams 
I would like to find a breeder in or near Washington state that has either B.B. Red, Silver Blue, Lemon Blue, or Ginger Red Old English Game bantams. …

Wanted: Old English Silver Duckwing Game Bantams 
In search of a couple of Trio's of Old English Silver Duckwing Game Bantams. We are in Southeastern Pa. You can reach us at 717-456-7581. Anyone that …

Wanted: Quail and Ginger Old English Bantam pairs or trios 
Looking for Quail and Ginger Old English Bantam pairs or trios. Located in Lithonia, Georgia. I can be reached at maxwellt9707@gmail.com.

Wanted: OEGB blue ginger trio 
Looking for a trio of blue gingers located in Wisconsin. Please call 920-410-1679 or email hawkhillhaven@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Wanted: Black Breasted Red hens 
Black breasted red old English bantam chickens, Moss Bluff Swap Meets or Buna Texas, and animalmvlover@gmail.com

WANTED: Old english bantams 
Looking for trio of blacks, trio of bbr, trio of wheatons and trio of brownreds. I am looking for Showbirds. Contact Tommy Seger 863-513-6791325 central …

WANTED: Barred Old English Game Bantams 
Located in Cherryville NC. Contact# 704-830-8508 or 704-435-6762 Email:jausti1369@carolina.rr.com I would like to have pure barred, for a breeding …

Wanted: OEGB 
I am looking for OEGB in the Fresno Ca. area. You can reach me at ronach59@gmail.com. Thanks.

Wanted-Old English Game Bantams for 4H show 2014 
Looking for preferably for a pair of Old English Game bantam chickens. Would really like a pair born before July 2013, but will buy younger birds. Son …

Blue Old English Bantams Wanted 
I am looking for blue old English bantams of good quality. Thank you, Mark Phone 828-649-0291

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Old English Bantam Hen 
I am looking for an Old English Bantam hen, a Bantam Cochin or a Speckled Sussex for my daughter to show in 4H at our fair. I will pay all shipping costs …

Silver Duckwing OEGB hens 
I'm looking for Old English Bantam Silver Duckwing hens between one and two months old. I live in Green Valley, Arizona (85614) Please contact me at ivanhoe290@gmail.com …

Old English Game Bantam Creles 
I am looking for Old English Game Bantam Creles 4 months or older; a trio, or a quad. I live in Lakeland, Florida 33805. 863-683-8711. Please email me …

Mille fleur OEGB Wanted 
I am looking for Mille Fleur OEGB. I live in Florida. Contact me at jbgeckos@gmail.com

Show Quality Game Birds : Modern or Old English 
My son is looking to improve his 4H project. Looking for quality breeding pairs within 100 miles of Orange County, NY. You can contact me at: morgansnarabians@gmail.c …

Want to buy buff old english or black tail buff oegs 
My name is Brandon. I'm looking for Buff Old English bantams or Black-tail Buff Old English Games. Please call 1-434-265-0003.

Old English Banty 
I'm looking for an Old English Bantam in Concord, NC or close by. You can reach Chris at 704-791-1681. Looking to buy any color. It really doesn't need …

Old English Ginger Red Bantams 
I am looking for Ginger Red Bantams. I live in Watsonville, California 95076 and I hope to attend the upcoming show in Stockton, California on the 26th …

WANTED :SQ OE Black,Crele,Silver Duckwing 
Will be at the Ohio National,Friday -Sunday...looking for show/breeder quality,SDW,Black,Crele Call Steve 518 844 5473

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    Would like to find a young English Silver Laced Orpington Rooster. We are located in Western Iowa in the Council Bluffs Ia/Omaha Ne area. Please respond

  2. Wanted: French Copper Maran Pullets

    My daughter is looking for at least 4 french black copper maran pullets to show in 4-h...She is going to be 6 and that is the breed she has chosen. We

  3. Wanted: Lemon Pyle Brahmas or Buff Laced, Blue Buff

    In search of Lemon Pyle Brahmas - adults, chicks or hatching eggs. I'd also be interested in Blue Buff and Buff Laced Brahmas. Located in Southern California.

  4. NC - Seramas

    I Love my seramas!! I have obtained them from all over and I really have a nice color selection. I only have smooth seramas as of right now but I will

  5. Wanted: in Tx. Silver laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster.

    WANTED : In Texas , Silver Laced Wyandotte : Looking for a young rooster/cockerel for sale. Must be very good quality,good genetics, and docile. Or a trio

  6. MD - Gentle Blue Cochin Rooster

    MARYLAND, August 2017 - We are downsizing and need to find a new home for our beautiful one-year-old blue cochin rooster. He is not aggressive and would