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Call Ducks For Sale
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Call Breeders of America

Photo Courtesy of www.poultrykeeper.com

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TN - Call duck/ducklings 
To sell-Call ducklings of various ages. Call ducks are a bantam breed of duck often weighing 1 to 2 pounds when mature. These guys grow fast reaching their …

FL - White, Gray and Pastel Calls 
Breeder and Show Quality White, Gray & Pastel Calls. Email me at lmorey61@verizon.net or call 727-667-7312.

MI - Calls of many colors!  
Raised with love at Darrowby Ducks, our tiny hobby farm in Fenton, Michigan. We want to keep these beautiful breeds accessible to everyone! Hatching …

WV - Call Ducklings, Swedish Flower Chicks, Peafowl Chicks 
I raise Call Ducks in seven colors (White, Snowy, Grey, Pastel, Blue, Chocolate, Magpie-Black and White-available late April-June. I also raise Swedish …

FL - Call Ducks: Various colors and quality 
Call ducks available for shipping in the fall of 2020. Top show: birds suitable for major competitions, but may or may not reproduce. High show: …

IN - Gray & White Call Ducks 
I've been raising both white and gray Calls for close to 20 years. I have also added blue fawn and pastel Call ducks to my gray Call line. I sell and …

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Photo Courtesy of www.poultrykeeper.com

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What's New Around Here?

  1. IN - Gray Toulouse Ganders

    I'm selling 2 Gray Toulouse Ganders. They are both a year old as of April 1, 2024. They come from Jean Doerflein's line of Toulouse and are great show
  2. OR - Snowy & Dusky Runners

    My beautiful dusky male and snowy females
    I have a very limited number of hatching eggs and a current hatch in the incubator of snowy (white base, black ticking along back, blue/purple iridescent
  3. Wanted: American game bantam pairs or trios

    Looking for American game bantam in pairs or trios. Really looking for red Pyle's, bb reds, or silver duck wings. I prefer show quality. Please email me

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Wanted: Crested Gray Call Ducks 
Looking for breeder quality crested gray call ducks. Either single male or a pair. Email information to rossifarms@rossifarms.net

Wanted: Snowy Call, Welsh Harlequin or Snowy Mallard Duck hens 
Looking for 2 or 3 mature Snowy Call, Welsh Harlequin or Snowy Mallard Duck hens for a genetic breeding project. Do not have to be show quality, would …

Looking for Magpie call ducks 
Hello, I am looking for a magpie call ducks and maybe another color also. Can you tell me if you know of anyone where I could get some please as they would …

Looking to buy Call Duck Ducklings  
Looking to purchase a small quantity of White and Black Call Duck Ducklings- I live in Indiana- Any suggestions? Thanks- KALITA www.kalitamagic1.com …

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