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Bearded: White, Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, Partridge, Paint Khaki, & Splash

Non-Bearded: White, Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, & Partridge

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Trio of mini chocolate Silkies 
Breeding trio of mini chocolate silkies. These birds are tiny and an outstanding example. Email:

MD - Trio of White Bearded Silkies 
We have available a Trio of White Bearded Silkies ready to go. email :

3 pairs of unrelated Lavender Araucana chickens for sale 
I have 3 pairs of unrelated Lavender Araucana chickens for sale. All being sold as POL although they may have been in lay for 2 weeks. Email: …

MD - Silkie Bantams of Various Colors for sale 
All hatched on site from my own eggs and reared on grass. Now in full lay. Silkies are good layers and make excellent mothers and are extremely friendly …

AZ - Bearded and Showgirl Silkies 
Sapphire Silkies-Breeding for quality, raised organically. Bearded and Showgirl silkies. Blue, black, splash, white, porcelain. …

Silkies to Buy 
I am in Maryland. Looking for a few buff and white female Silkies. I have a beautiful 30 foot flight. Richard 443-799-2966

CA - Young 6 month old Black Silkie Rooster 
My family is looking to re-home this incredibly sweet 6 month old black Silkie roo named Little Foot. He has such a personality, and he loves being around …

GA - Silkie 
I have 10 baby silkies for sale. E-mail Ernie at

I have some Silkie chicks and some Guineas for sale. e-mail Ernie at I am in Macon, Ga.

CA - Bearded Bantam Silkie Chicks For Sale 
I am selling Bearded White, Bearded Buff, Bearded Blue, Bearded Black, Bearded Partridge, and Bearded Splash Silkie chicks. All colors may not be available …

IN - Bearded Silkies 
I am selling Bearded White, Bearded Buff and Bearded Gray Silkies. Website: Contact by emailing: tipschihuahuas@live.c …

OH - Breeder/Shower of Exhibition Silkies  
WE Are a NPIP farm in rural ohio that breeds/ shows bearded silkies in blue/splash, paint/black, paint/white, and cuckoo/black (we do have a few showgirls). …

CA - Partridge & White Silkies 
The beautiful silkies are hand raised by my 10 yr old. They are very sweet and MUST stay together. It breaks our heart, but we live in a residential …

AR Silkies and Sizzles 
Bearded bantam silkies and sizzles all ages. Specializing in white, black, paint, porcelain and splash. Hatching eggs available for shipping. I do not …

GA - Silkies for Sale 
I have Silkies for sale in Greenville, Georgia. Fertile eggs, chicks, adults, email me at

NJ - Silkies in many varieties and peafowl in many varieties we've been raising poultry and peafowl over 30 years  
I have birds available. I do bring them to shows if they are prepaid on paypal. I have show champion Silkies and Show Champion LF white Leghorns. We're …

GA- Silkie eggs when available , white silkie eggs 
I sell silkie hatching eggs! No birds available at this time. I have the whites eggs with a frizzle gene. Whites are currently laying. You can reach me …

Blue Bantam Silkies For Sale 
Bantam silkies ages chick through juvenile. In a variety of colors: Black, Grey, Blue, White, Buff and coming soon a new Coco speckle blue. We are located …

FL - Blue, Splash, Gray, and Black Silkies 
We have Newly hatched Silkies with photos of some month old chicks Both are selling for $10.00, Our Juveniles and adults are $15 and $20.00 respectively.We …

TX - 4 frizzles roos for sale or trade for silkie hens 
I have 4 frizzles roos for sale or trade for Silkie hens, black with frosted tips around the head. You can reach me at

MA- Black Silkie Cockerel 
Very nice 9/10 month old BQ black silkie cockerel. Very easy to handle. Has some silver leakage in his hackles. Would be a great bird for a paint breeding …

PA - Blue Cream, White and Black Silkies 
I have white, black, and blue cream Silkies for sale. Email me at

MI - Chinese Silkie 
I have a back and gray Chinese Silkie rooster, approx 4 months old. Well behaved, very pretty bird. My name is Jesse and I can be reached at 734 664 5162. …

IL - Silkie 
I have newly hatched silkie chicks $12.00 each colors are black and I also have a few paints and possibly whites. I also have black and a few paints …

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AL - Bearded Silkie Chicks 
5 week old White bearded Silkie chicks $5.00 ea White Silkie pair $20.00, hen laying 205-672-9163 Email

4 Silkie hens one black 2 white 1 brown 10 bittys and one black Rooster 100.00 grain fed well kept, only serious, please call or in box me 770-258-2959 …

FL - Silkie Chicks 
Newly hatched Silkie Chicks. Straight run. Assorted colors. Blue, black, gray, buff. Quantities and colors subject to change. $4.75 each 2 for $9. 5 for …

NY - Silkies 
I am selling Black Copper & Wheaten Marans, Paint, Porcelain, & Silver Partridge Silkies, Coronation Sussex, Sebastapol Geese, & Brabanters. They are …

NY - Silkies 
Exhibition Quality Silkies in Blue, Black, Splash Partridge, and Silver Partridge. Visit our Facebook page at . For …

Grey Silkie born around Easter 2012  
Free to loving non-silkie chicken eating home. She lost her mate to a dog attack 3 days ago. She is a sweet girl. Contact person: Judy …

CA - Fancy White Silkie Rooster 
Beautiful fancy white silkie rooster born March 20, 2013. White feathers, iridescent blue cheeks with burgundy accents. Blue black skin/ beak, polydacty …

IN - Limited number of Quality Silkies for Sale 
Limited number of quality Silkes for sale in Owensburg, IN Birds sold in pairs or trios, no single hens. Contact I …

PA- Poutry Lane Farm Silkies 
I breed and exhibit quality black, partridge, and blue partridge bearded silkies. You can contact me at and please visit …

NJ - Silkie Roosters 
Silkie Roosters for sale. Bearded. Pet & show quality. Most will be a year in the spring. Friendly birds. Some very nice quality ones as well. Just …

MA - Champion Silkie Hatching Eggs 
Golden Egg Farm, Champion Silkies Master Exhibitor and Breeder of Whites and Blacks Bearded Blues as well as non bearded Whites and Blacks. Hatching …

NH - Silkies and Sizzles 
Contact us at for more information

IN - Silkies in Blue, Splash and Buff 
I have birds and eggs available occasionally. Email me at

OR - Silkies- Buff, Paint, and occationally other colors- Eggs, chicks and started birds 
Breeding Quality silkies with some of the finest bloodlines in the country. All of our breeding birds have been shown and have taken at least 1 BV before …

MI - Silkie eggs and chicks father is a High white roo mothers are a back hen and laced splash hen 
I'm mostly selling eggs the chicks are more. Eggs go for $50 for 8 and chicks under a month $10 over a month $20/$30 I have 100% hatch rate with my eggs …

OR - Blue Partridge Cockerel for sale 
My beautiful "Zoltar" - $50 plus shipping ($65) includes box. Blue Partridge Cockerel for sale, pure Catdance breeding. Hatched March 2012 this is a sweet …

MA - Silkie Bantams - Black, White and Blue 
Champion Silkies in White Bearded and Non Bearded, Black Silkies in Bearded and non Bearded, Blue Silkies in Bearded only. I sell hatching eggs year round …

CT- Silkies of all Colors for sale 
I have at times Adult Silkies for sale in the following colors; White, Black, Dark Partridge, and Blue Partridge. I DO NOT SELL EGGS OR CHICKS! My …

Northern WI: Partridge Silkies for sale. Pet, breeder and show quality 
I raise partridge silkies for show and as pets. I have a small flock and generally have a small quantity of started birds for sale. …

I have number of pure white SILKIE hens and Cockerels for sale very pretty looking and friendly eating and drinking very well. Super soft fluffy feathers …

MD - Black and white bearded Silkie hens for sale 
We now have pure black and white bearded silkie hens for sale: Email

SC - 4 Silkie Roosters for Sale 
2 of the rooster are naked neck, have gray with black and brown splash both are about 1 year old. Very friendly and healthy asking $5.00 a piece just …

MD - 7 Silkie Bantam Roosters 
Bought in April from Tractor Supply as chicks. They free range in our backyard and as you can see love to hang out under the evergreens. Call 410-610-4575 …

NY - 2 Silkie roosters & a Buff Orphington roo 
I have 3 roosters, all 5 months old & family raised from day old chicks, beautiful, healthy, & easy to handle... 1 huge Buff Orphington roo, 1 Buff Silkie, …

MD - Golden Silkies for sale 
Beautiful Golden Silkies 5 hens and 2 roosters,for more info email

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KY - 2 silkie roosters 10 mo old 
Raised together from 2 days old. $5 ea or will trade for Silkie hens. Email is I can send pics if requested.

OH - Bearded White Silkie cockerel 
I have one show quality white bearded Silkie cockerel for sale. Hatch date July 15, 2015. NPIP certified. Will be going to Lima, OH show and maybe …

IL west Suburbs Chicago - Bearded Silkies and Showgirls/NN Breeder Quality 
We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago and have been breeding and selling Silkies for 3 years. Currently breed Black, Paint, White and occasionally …

WA - 1 yr old blue slikie rooster 
Feisty Drumsticks is a well behaved bird. He gets along well with hens. He also likes to be placed on your foot while you walk. His mother was more black …

WA - 12 month blue silkie rooster  
Feisty Drumsticks is a well behaved bird. He gets along well with hens. He also likes to be placed on your foot while you walk. His mother was more black …

TX - Black Silkie Rooster 
I have a black silkie rooster for sale for $10. He is pretty aggressive but would be good for breeding purposes. Please e-mail me at …

KY - Bearded Bantam Silkie Roosters  
One black and one white bearded silkie Rooster. About 1 year old. Beautifull, lovingand Hand raised. They are laid back Roos. They will let you carry …

KY - 1 Bearded White Silkie Rooster and 1 Black Bearded Silkie Rooster 
1 yr old Silkie Roosters. Hand raised, they both will let you pick them up and carry them around. Also will let you give them a bath and clip their nails …

CO - Non-Bearded Silkie Rooster 
This rooster is as beautiful and sweet as can be. I would like to sell him for $15. He is 18 weeks old. North of Denver. Contact: …

IL - Silkie Bantams - Chicago Suburbs 
Silkie Chicks, black, white and paint $15.00 each. Also have a few DNA tested pullets that are about 1 month old $50.00 each. We are located in the …

WA - 2 Silkie Roosters, one buff and one gray 
We have two silkie roosters. Otis our Buff silkie is just over a year old. COCO our gray silkie is just starting to learn to crow. They are beautiful …

CT - Black Silkie Roo for sale 
Beautiful 2 year old Silkie rooster for sale to good happy home! Used to being the only man to 10 hens. Very protective. Sweet to them. Has given me …

FL - Bearded Silkies 
Day olds to adult. Blue, Black, Splash, White, Partridge. I breed for exhibition and quality! Facebook: Tropical Chickies (Farm Page) http://tropicalchickies.webs.c …

MA - Silkies 
Contact me at for more information.

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Wanted: Bearded Silkie Bantam fertile eggs 
I am looking to buy fertile bearded silkie bantam eggs. Looking for Lavender,porcelain,Splash & Paint.Reply to

Wanted: Show-quality Silkies 
Looking for 3 or 4 show quality silkie hens and a rooster for my grand daughter to raise. I live in the Fla. Panhandle. Email …

Wanted: Lavender Silkies 
ISO Lavender and Blue Cream Silkies. Also looking for a few nice buffs without smutt and some nice blacks. Located in MI, will travel or pay for shipping. …

Wanted: Buff and White Silkie female 
I am located in Baltimore.I have a beautiful 30 foot flight and would like to buy a few white and biff silkie FEMALES Richard 443-799-2966 …

Wanted: White Bearded Silkie Cockerel 
Show Quality White Bearded Silkie cockerel for my daughter's Jr. Showing. I'm located in N.Texas in Princeton. I can be reached at 469-343-5201, you …

Wanted: Bearded Silkies 
I am in California, and I am left with one bearded silkie hen as pet and need to get her a companion or two hens only. I am rather desperate, I do not …

Wanted: Black, White, Silver and Buff Silkies 
I am looking for a rooster and 4 silkie hens in silver, black, white and buff. Call me in southern CA at: 951-845-5727. Some will be for me and some …

Wanted: Show quality pair of silkies 
I am seriously interested in buying a pair of show quality Silkies. Although my preference is white any color with emphasis on quality. I am more than …

Wanted: SQ silkies 
I am looking for SQ silkies, any color. I can be contacted at

Wanted: Joe Hadden Silkie Line 
I am looking 4 Silkies from my line. If anyone has any info on who may have some please let me know. I'll be at Maryland swap …

Wanted: White silkie rooster 
Southwest VA 24361 Contact me at or 276-475-5972

Wanted: Silkie chicks or pullets 
I am looking for a few silkie chicks or pullets for my flock. Currently, we have white, but other colors are acceptable. You can reach me by phone at …

Wanted: Show Quality Silkie 
Hi I want some show quality silkie or fertilized eggs. I am living in Metro vancouver, BC Canada. If you have some available around, or you can ship the …

Wanted to buy a few silkie hens 
1-2 silkie hens and possibly a rooster, not real young in age. Must be healthy.Would like somewhere reasonably local so I can pick up. I am located Monee/Peotone …

Wanted: Grey Bearded hatching eggs 
I'll be in Newnan GA Friday morning. I need grey bearded silkie chicks or eggs.

Wanted: Bearded Silkie chicks/chickens any color (2017) 
(2017) looking for bearded silkie chicks/chickens in Mi. Show quality preferred daughters in 4H any color. Please email Heather @ …

Wanted: Bearded Silkies  
Greenville, SC hobby farm seeks show quality bearded Silkies to add to small flock. I would like to raise these little beauties. Spring delivery would …

Wanted: Silkie Chicks or eggs in Texas 
I am looking for stock show quality silkie chicks, eggs or chickens. Please call me at 325-340-7126 Thank you, Debbie

I posted an ad looking for Silkie Hens, pullets, or hatching eggs. Donantus contacted me and said he had 3 silkie hens. We agreed on a price and I sent …

Wanted: 3 Bantam Pullets 
Hi! looking for a combination of 3 different bantam pullets, one/two silkies. Located in Westchester email:

Wanted: Blue or Lavender Silkie  
Looking for a female blue or lavender silkie chick in Wisconsin. Able to pick up (in Wisconsin). Email:

Wanted: Bearded Partridge Silkies 
Wanted: Two or three SQ Bearded Partridge hens and a rooster. Must be shipped to Michigan. Thank you. or (906)573-3455

Wanted: Buff Silkies Hen, chicks, or hatching eggs  
I am looking for either hens, chicks, or hatching eggs for buff silkies. My son is 10 and has 2 buff silkies but he would like a small flock for showing. …

Wanted: Fertile Bearded Silkie Eggs 
I'm Wanting To Purchase Good Quality Bearded Silkie Eggs. My Name is Ruby. My Email Is

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Wanted: Tiny Bearded Partridge Silkies 
Wanted: Tiny Bearded Partridge Silkies. Show quality pullets or older birds. Even if they are ancient, they will get a great home. My husband built me …

Wanted: Bearded Partridge silkies 
Wanted: Bearded Partridge Silkie pullets. Show quality. Age doesn't matter as long as they're not ancient and even then I might give them a good home. …

Wanted: Silkies 
Would like to find some nice but know what they are sex wise. I nice roo and 2 to 3 hens. I am in Monticello, FL 32344 that is N Florida close to FL GA …

Wanted: Silkie hens 
I live in central CA. Email me at

Wanted: Female Silkie Hen 
Hi. I'm looking for a female Silkie Hen for my lonely Silkie Rooster,Bob.He is my only Silkie, and my other breeds, ignore him, and pick on him, when he …

Wanted: White Bearded Silkies 
Anyone in Georgia or Alabama have white bearded silkies for sale. Please text me at 334-524-0818. White bearded silkies only!

Wanted: Silkie Rooster or Chicks 
Looking to add a Silkie Rooster to our family flock at a sustainable educational farm in northern California! If able to ship or if you have any information, …

WANTED: Pair of Modena Pigeons 
I am in Ashland WI, I am looking to get a pair of Modenas just to have to watch. I can travel down state some ways but only on the weekends. If you have …

Looking for Black or Blue Show Quality Silkies 
We will be attending the Ohio National and are looking for black or blue show quality exhibition silkies.

Wanted: Silkie chicks  
Iso Silkie chicks. Located in IN. Open to different colors. Would be shown in 4-h 8125857923

Wanted: SQ buff silkie hen, white silkie hen and lavender silkie hen. 
ISO Bearded Show Quality white,buff and lavender silkie hens. I am in spartanburg S.C please send me a message if you would sell. …

Wanted: SQ buff silkie hen, white silkie hen and lavender silkie hen. 
ISO Bearded Show Quality white,buff and lavender silkie hens. I am in spartanburg S.C please send me a message if you would …

Wanted: White Silkie Pullets 
I'm looking to purchase 1-3 Silkie chicks/pullets to replace a few that we had recently lost.

Wanted: Silkie hens 
I'm in Md and am looking for a couple show quality/breeder quality hens in Paint,splash and blue. Email:

Wanted: Bearded Silkies 
I'm looking for breeder or show quality bearded Silkies. Black, Blue, and paint Hens. Willing to buy a black or blue rooster with them. I'm located in …

Wanted: White silkie trio juveniles 
Been searching for juvenile white silkies for weeks! Want a trio, 2 pullets & 1 cock. They will be my pets, in the house at night but in their run in good …

Wanted: Silkies, White  
I am looking for White Silkies. I live in Indianapolis. You can contact me at

Wanted: Silkie bantams sexed 
I am looking for Silkie bantams sexed female chickens. At least one buff. I live in North Texas DFW area but willing to drive other parts of Texas to …

Wanted: 2 Female Silkie Chicks 
I am looking for 2 female silkie chicks. They will be inside pets and very spoiled! I live in Wichita, KS and can be reached at …

Wanted: Silkies 
Wanted: about six silkie chicks for a 4-H project. Prefer any color but white. I will pick up. Thanks, Peaches

Wanted: Silkie chicks 
I would like 10 assorted non bearded slikie chicks. I live in Iowa. e-mail me at

Wanted: Silkie middle aged 
I am looking for a middle aged silkie that is white. I live in Prosper, TX. We have a rhode island red and she is very lonely. She needs a companion but …

Wanted: Silkies 
Call (618)476-5224.

Wanted: Silkie pullets or hens  
I live in the Seattle area and am looking to purchase a couple of silkie pullets or hens. Due to local ordinances prohibiting roosters, it makes raising …

Wanted: Silkie hens 
I am in search of Silkie hens. 7 months to 18 months. I live in Somerset, ky area.

Click here to write your own.

Wanted: Silkies and BLRW pullets 
Gainesville, FL area - prefer white or splash silkies (2) , but flexible. Blue laced red Wyandotte or silver/gold laced. Looking to add to my small spoiled …

Wanted: Silkie pullets  
Not super particular about color (prefer white, blue or splash), but need pullets only. Looking for 2. Willing to pick up in the KC area, happy to pay …

VA - White Silkie hen 
Looking for a white silkie hen or young hen. Located in SW VA 540-892-3911

Wanted BQ-SQ Paint Silkies 
Interested in buying paint hens/pullets. Must be at least breeder quality. I'm located in Hudson Valley, NY. Jessica Boos (845)745-0126 …

Wanted: Bearded silky pullets 
I'm looking for show quality bearded silky pullets. Located in Long Island, NY. Please e.mail me at piximommy4mykids

Wanted: Silkie and Cochin Hatching Eggs 
I'm looking for bantam cochin and beardless silkie hatching eggs, and some assorted layers to fill out a clutch for my broody hen. I'm in Utah. sarah.adamsonhugo@gmail.c …

Wanted: Silkie and/or Frizzled Silkie or Coachin pullets/hens 
Due to the recent passing of a couple beloved Silkie hens, I am looking for one or two pet quality Silkie pullets or young hens - preferable Tan or Partridge. …

Wanted: Silkie Chicks 
I am looking for Silkie, Easter Egger, and Black Australorp pullets. No roosters. Located in Western KY. Phone- 270-993-7466

TX -Wanted Silkies 
I am looking to pick up Silkies no more than 45 min. away from NE, Houston area. Contact me at

Wanted: Adult Silkie Hens 
I live in Northern Virginia and recently lost two hens to a raccoon. I have rebuilt my coop and enclosure and I'm ready for 3 or more hens! I have 2 …

Wanted: Breeding Quality Silkie Chicks 
I live in Northern Michigan and can drive a few hours if necessary. I am looking for Blue, Partridge, Lavender, etc. Contact Joyce at: …

Wanted: Silkies 
Trio of Silkies this spring. I am located at Narrows, Virginia. Please e-mail parcel. You may contact me at:

Wanted: 2 Silkie Pullets 
I live in Brevard County, Florida. Email: I can be reached at 321-431-0361 will pay money.

Wanted: 3-6 month old Silkie Pullets 
Looking for any variety of Silkies that range from 3-6 months old (a little under or over that age is okay). Located in Kamloops, BC. You can reach me …

Wanted: Silkies Show Quality 
Interested in several show quality pullets and cockerels. Prefer Black, Blue and Partridge.Bearded only. If you are planning to show at the FT, Worth, …

Wanted: Silkie Hens 
Looking for mature silkie hens for use in a therapy program in NM.(not for consumpion)Can someone Help? We are building a coup and outdoor covered pens. …

Wanted: White Silkie Pullet 
Looking for a white silkie pullets or white chicks. Please feel free to contact me at: I am in McKinney, Texas will travel up to 2 …

Wanted: Silkie in Ohio 
Looking for silkie Hen, NO White or Black.....Email me @

Wanted: Blue Silkies 
I live around Lexington KY. Looking for 2 male and 2 female. Prefer adults vs. chicks but would open to chicks over 2 weeks old. Email me at …

Wanted: White or Blue Pullet Silkie 
We are looking for one more chicken to add to our small flock, a white or blue pullet Silkie. We are in Florence South Carolina but will drive to pick …

Wanted: Black Bearded Silkies 
Located in Kansas City Area, can be reached at, my daughter is looking for Black Bearded Silkies to show and raise.

Wanted: Silkies 
Interested in purchasing 3-4 pullets 1 rooster. Live in East Texas(between Dallas & Tyler)

Wanted: Buff, Khaki, Painted or Lavender Silkies 
I am looking for buff, khaki, painted, and lavender silkies. 609 513 3731 call or text.

Wanted: Silkie Pullets 
I am looking for either older Silkie chicks or Silkie pullets, any quality as long as they are distinguishable Silkie. I live in Virginia and you can …

Wanted: Silkie chicks 
Hi, I am looking for blue Silkie, Polish and Crevecoeur chicks for this spring. I am located in Dutchess County, New York. You may contact me at: …

Click here to write your own.

Wanted: White Frizzle Silkie Rooster 
I want a White Frizzle Silkie Rooster. I live in Ellverta, California; Sacramento area. My phone number is (916)991-7812.

Looking for gray bantam bearded silkie pullets! 
I am located near Toledo, Ohio and am looking for gray silkie bearded pullets. I am a small urban silkie lover and have been looking for this color for …

CA - Silkies any color 
Sunnyvale, California - reach me by email, Looking for any color Silkies. I want 4 to 8.

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